No support for Logpoints in PlatformIO debugger?

What seems like it should be a simple thing, I’m finding nearly impossible to get to work.
I would simply like to log variables and messages to the Debug console when executing in debug mode.
Something similar to “debug.print” in Visual Studio C/C++.
Tried the Logpoint option for breakpoints, but nothing shows up on Output, Debug Console, or Terminal windows (although the code breaks at the logpoint, which it is not supposed to do).
Are there any plans to support Logpoints in PlatformIO?

I’m aware of serial out, but that seems like an awful lot of trouble just to get some variables to print to the screen during a debugging session. I’d rather not have to deal with serial ports and terminal windows.

Or is there another way to accomplish a simple print to one of the debugger’s windows?


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I second @tgioiosa question.

Are VSCode debugger logpoints supported by PlatformIO debugger?
If so, how?


This is VSCode domain. Does this not work? Set breakpiont, edit breakpoint, change to log message.

Otherwise, if the chip supports Semihosting (e.g. ARM chips via SWD) or ITM (instrumentation macro cell), you can transport printf() statmenents via the debug interface too and they will show ip in the debug console.

For Semihosting see

For ITM see