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No such file or directory

Hello everyone.
I’m using platformIO to create a project and I’m running into some issues.
I used build_flags to extend my header file directory, I can use the right mouse button to locate this file, but PlatformIO tells me that there is no such file
Can you give me some help.

The error is from #include "grbl/driver_opts.h". Since you do -I grbl directly, the code can only do #include "driver_opts.h" now. If you don’t want to modif the code, use build_flags = -I. instead, this willl add the project directory to the include path, and the code can from there access the grbl first, then the file.

Thank you for your reply.
Can I make a few suggestions.
I have a lot of friends who like to use arduino, but none of us are professional programmers. The main reason we use arduino is that it is simple enough.

Due to the hardware limitation of atmega328p, we changed the hardware, such as STM32, using STM32 will have a lot more files, we want a better editor with syntax highlighting and automatic code completion. PlatformIO is our best choice because it is powerful enough.

The biggest and most common problem we encounter when moving project files from other IDEs to PlatformIO is “No such file or directory”

I see that platformIO’s PIO HOME can configure a project,When selecting the include path, can it be selected in the graphical interface, just like eclipse.

Many friends around me would give up because of “No such file or directory”, even though the question is simple. because our English is not good, we can’t read the document carefully