"No such file or directory" although it's there

Hi there,

I was was importing a few libraries, including “Adafruit GFX Library” to control a display.
When I was building the project, I got the following error:
.pio\libdeps\micro\Adafruit GFX Library\Adafruit_GrayOLED.h:30:32: fatal error: Adafruit_I2CDevice.h: No such file or directory

After further inspection, the “Adafruit_I2CDevice.h” is included in the project with “Adafruit BusIO”, see screenshot:

Is there anything I’m missing here?
Does it need to be declared specifically somehow?

Thanks for your assistance!

/edit: Although I added the BusIO library via PlatformIO, there was no entry in the platformio.ini. I added the library again and it builds successfully now

Can you post your whole platformio.iniand src/ code?

Thanks for answerting, @maxgerhardt
As mentioned above, I already found the solution.
The entry for that BusIO library was missing in the platformio.ini for some reason