No ADCs defined in the Zephyr device tree for the Teensy 4.0 board?

It appears that a adc1 definition is missing entirely from the device tree for the teensy 4.0 board, is that intentional?

I’ve been comparing the framework-zephyr installed with PlatformIo versus the latest version of Zephyr on github and it seems the device tree structure is different. In the latest main on zephyr-rtos github adc1 and adc2 are defined in nxp_rt10xx.dtsi, however, that file doesn’t even appear under the framework-zephyr directory installed by PlatfomIo.

Obviously I can add the necessary definitions to an overlay file, but seems like an oversight? Just wanted to make sure I was right in my understanding first.

Yes, because PlatformIO is using the version 2.7.1 (see registry), not 3.x. Updating it is an open issue.