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6 years ago we founded PlatformIO to solve the problem of multi-platform development in the embedded systems industry. Our unique philosophy gives embedded developers true freedom – personally decide which operating system, integrated development environment, and hardware to use. In this blog post, we will try to openly discuss the question regarding integrated development environments and the important role they play for the success of your products including hardware and software development tools. Read more :point_right:


I’ve been struggling for a long time to get PlatformIO running on my Ubuntu 20.04 based laptop.

For a long time I tried Atom - but I cannot make that work reliably. Then I decided to give CLion a try - but neither does that work. I then surrendered and installed VSCode - and that works.

Unfortunately, I have been working with Visual Studio for many years and have a particular dislike for the product; but it appears the freedom of choice is limited to VSCode in my case?

Or would there be any other choice for Ubuntu that actually works?

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If you have an existing development IDE, install PlatformIO CLI and generate project files for numerous IDEs.


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Further to my post above, the command line you need is:

pio init -b Uno --ide ????

Where the ‘???’ can be one of: atom, clion, codeblocks, eclipse, emacs, netbeans, qtcreator, sublimetext, vim, visualstudio or vscode.