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Newby cannot get blink to work. Please help!


Side note: use three backticks ``` before and after code blocks so spacing is preserved and you don’t get “>” and “<” errors and other weirdness is prevented. :wink:

You don’t need multiple lib_deps parameters - just put the one lib_deps= in, press enter for a new line, and then list each library your project needs, one per line, with an indent of two spaces. I also wouldn’t use the lib_extra_dirs unless you are deliberately trying to use the version the ArduinoIDE is using, as this prevents platformio using the version it would manage for the project in the .piolibdeps folder.

platform = atmelavr
framework = arduino
board = megaatmega2560
;lib_extra_dirs = ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries
lib_extra_dirs =C:\Users\CL Plane Guy 3\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Makeblock-Libraries-master\src
;lib_extra_dirs = ~/Program Files (x86)\Arduino
lib_deps =
  Nintendo Extension Ctrl


Version fix for MakeBlockDrive library has been committed, so the update should be visible within the next 24 hours when added normally by name or id, without having to use the git version.

However, using the git method of accessing MakeBlockDrive v3.26 and trying to compile your code as provided above, worked perfectly for me, with no links to the Arduino libraries folder to potentially confuse or muck things up.



Thank you to all for the help to this point. PlatformIO is doing what it is supposed to. But my program is doing what it wants to - not what I need it to. It is a balancing robot project and I am past my programming limit. A balancing robot is a real-time process. I have done it before with a PID. If my code would have worked first time out of the box, I would have been fine. But something is wrong with the nunchuck speed. Somehow speed is conflicting with balance. Balance is always accurate but speed is sacrificed. I have been over and ever the code. It all looks right on the large scale and at every detail. I need an analysis process that will give me a hint as to where the difficulty is. Debugging proper will interfere with the process. A data snapshot does not show momentum. That does not help. If I record values in an array, I can play them back at a latter time. I may have to learn Processing to display the data.

Since this is a personal project, I have nowhere to go.

Can someone please show me a path to a new tool?