Newbie Question - can't find Digit.h?

I’m sure this is a bone-head error. trying to utilize a Cheap Yellow Display for ESP32. and it can’t find Digit.h ??? I have put the.h and .cpp in the ‘src’ then ‘lib’ then ‘include’, same error ?? Would these be the FIRST places it would look ???

Thanks for any Newbie help — appreicate it.


Put the .cpp file or both files in src folder.
The lib folder is for libraries and need a more complex structure (see README inside the lib folder).

First, Thanks Sivar2311, appreciate the help.

I “re-tried” putting both in the src directory, as shown, Same error.


There seems to be spaces in the filenames!
Digit .h instead Digit.h
Digit. cpp instead Digit.cpp

Great “EYES” !! I knew it was BONE_HEAD & totally new envoirnement coming from Ardunino IDE, so no confidence, yet.

Thanks AGAIN for your HELP. SOLVED!!!