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New registry feature: Registry for beta testing


When we push a new release of our project on PlatformIO registry, it’s OK most of the time.
But in some cases, if there is a problem in our library, it’s not possible to delete the version which is uploaded to the registry. Of course, we can send an email to Ivan, but maybe Ivan prefers to do more interesting stuffs :slight_smile:

Let’s me explain my CI/CD process, just before uploading to PIO registry :

1- All the CI/CD process is OK on my local PC (build / test / …).
2- I change my dependencies in library.json to point to platformio registry with the new version of my lib X.Y.Z.
3- Now my CI/CD is KO. Version X.Y.Z si not uploaded on registry yet. So my CI/CD process tells me “X.Y.Z doesn’t not exists”.
4- Upload X.Y.Z to the registry.
5- I re launch the CI/CD process : it’s OK, X.Y.Z is downloaded from the registry and the code can be builted.

But the problem is that sometimes step 5 is not OK. It’s our fault of course: maybe our platformio.ini was not configured correctly, or library.json or …

Before step 3 and step 4, it would be great to have a kind of “upload a beta version”.

  • You upload your version with a BETA tag
  • You can validate it with your CI/CD process.
    → It’s KO ? you delete this beta version from the registry.
    → Everything’s OK ? You change the tag BETA to RELEASE. Or you delete the beta version and upload the real one, as usual.

Do you think you could develop this kind of feature ?

Jerome Galan
QA engineer