New plugin creating tons of error

I create new plugin for ESP8266 ESP-12E platform
I give compile error and affected to all other ino
I don’t have any clue what’s wrong?
Anybody can help ?

So what changes to what file did you make exactly? What sketch are you compiling?

You might want to wrap your define in


I don’t change any file from espeasy

I just create new plugin ino (_P134_PPD42.ino)
Once I add this new plugin into atom src then start to create error,
even I disable plugin

I share _P134_PPD42.ino below

ESPEasy.ino is the main file and will convert to ESPEasy.ino.cpp
I never see any ino plugin will convert to cpp except my plugin _P134_PPD42.ino
Don’t have idea why it will convert??

I cannot see details of errors as well since it spits up tons of errors in build panel console until I cannot scroll up to the top
Most of the errors are not declared, but like I said, errors will disappear as soon I remove _P134_PPD42.ino from src

If you rename your _P134_PPD42.ino to _P134_PPD42.cpp it compiles fine again. There must be some error in the pre-processing of the ino file that screws up the build process with a hundred errors. No idea why, though.

Refer to Redirecting... for converting .ino files to .cpp.

thanks for the help
it’s working after manually converting
very strange though … why platformio doesn’t like this ino file ??

Unfortunately source plugin must have *.ino extension, unless it won’t be included in the main program.
In this case, I have to figure out why _P134_PPD42.ino not compiled correctly.