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New ESP32 Book with ESP-IDF and PlatformIO

Hi all,
You can find my book about ESP32 with ESP-IDF and PlatformIO here:
I tried to cover all necessary information to develop a new product from the ground-up with in 3 parts:

  • Using ESP32
  • Local network communication
  • Cloud communication.

I hope it helps people who want to learn developing projects with ESP32.


Added to my “Christmas Hopefuls” wish list. :wink:

For those of us in the UK, it’s here.


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Exciting! I ordered it!

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Thank you! Happy reading :slight_smile: I hope it helps you out in your projects.

Hi friends,

We’re planning to work on the second edition of my book, Developing IoT Projects with ESP32 (

We will start collecting feedback from you about the current edition (what you liked vs. disliked, what topics you want to see in the next edition, etc.). Here’s the survey link: Microsoft Forms. Any help would be highly appreciated to reshape the next edition.

Many thanks!

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Hi friends, I just want to ask which topic you would like to see in the 2nd edition of the book. Here is the poll. Your feedback would be highly appreciated! Sign Up | LinkedIn

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