New ESP32 Arduino Release 1.0.5 based on ESP-IDF v3.3 and Espressif 3.10

I’m somewhat confused.
PIO has informed me about an update to Esprissif 3.10 and I note on github that there is an Arduino ESP32 Arduino Release 1.0.5 based on ESP-IDF v3.3.

I’m using ESP32 with Arduino framework but not sure whether I need to update to 3.10 and/or workout how to update the Arduino core to 1.05 and what conflicts if anythiing.

Currently my ESP IDF version is: v3.2.3-14-gd3e562907.
I’m not sure how to find out which Arduino core I’m using but it’s only a month or so since I installed PIO.

PlatformIO will always use its own package sources to compile everything. It does not matter what other ESP-IDF versions you have installed locally on your computer, they will not be used. You cannot create a conflict.

Correct per this. If you update the Espressif32 platform to that version, then PIO willl use a framework-espressif32 package that has the 1.0.5 Arduino-ESP32 core in it.

Also, Arduino-ESP32 doesn’t build ESP-IDF from source, it has a precompiled version of it. So the framework-arduinoespressif32 package is also not dependent on framework-espidf, as a side info.