New Docker Image

Hi All,

Thought I might share my docker build image for platformio core. Originally I built it because none of the current ones really did what I was after. But it has the following features:

  • Can run with any UID (can be run straight out of vscode for eg, platformio globally installed in image)
  • Integrates well with CI/CD
  • Separation between platformio environments (i.e. each project can have its own .platformio directory)

I personally run it like this (from within the directory where my project’s platformio.ini file is):

docker run -e HOME=`pwd` -u $UID -w `pwd` -v `pwd`:`pwd` --rm -it takigama/platformio platformio run

Would love to hear if anyone finds it useful or thinks of any improvements, every last-release of every major version of platformio is already in the tags (i.e. takigama/platformio:3.6.7) and latest will be the latest everytime I see a new version of platformio.


Just started using this image with my Gitlab CI pipelines and works perfectly. So thanks!