New development platform ASR Microelectronics ASR605x: Easy start with Heltec CubeCell series and LoRa technology

We are happy to announce a new dev-platform for ASR Microelectronics ASR605x LoRa SoC and CubeCell series in collaboration with Heltec Automation.

Heltec CubeCell is based on a low-cost, highly integrated and ultra-low power SoC from ASR Microelectronics that effectively combines PSoC 4000 series MCU (ARM Cortex M0+ Core) and Semtech SX1262 transceiver.

Key features

  • Ultra low-power design (3.5uA in deep sleep mode, even with the RTC clock running)
  • LoRaWAN protocol support
  • Integrated encryption algorithms
  • Solar panel support
  • AT command support

What’s New





See project examples platform-asrmicro650x/examples at master · HelTecAutomation/platform-asrmicro650x · GitHub


  • PlatformIO IDE – please navigate to PIO Home > Platforms > Updates
  • PlatformIO Core – please run a next CLI command $ pio update

- The PlatformIO and Heltec Teams


Awesome! Thought about developing that myself once I had my hands on a CubeCell Board, but never got to it. Now we have an official integration :smiley:


When is platform registry is expected to be open? :confused: I am still waiting for my platform for GSM modules to be added: