Neovim with platformio

im using neovim and i have the pio cli installed and im wondering how i can get lsp and autocompleations in neovim while in a pio project?

Did you check in

but it wasn’t covered?

i will look thru thanks for leading me in the right direction

i looked thru it and vim and neovim are pretty much the same just neovim is better in more ways than one the main reason is neovim can use lua for the config instead of vim script which vim uses (lua is faster)
all the plugins listed on that page are vim script and since im usesing lua i cant use it

Checked out GitHub - barafael/neomake-platformio: Simple tool allowing Neomake to properly lint when you're using PlatformIO.?

PlatformIO is able to generate compile_commands.json which some clangd plugin should be able to evaluate…

If you keep having problems, file an issue at Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.