Native USB issue on an esp32-s2-solo


I use both ESP32-C3 and ESP32-S2-SOLO chips.

With C3, using native USB (D+ & D- pins), I can:
1 - upload (flash apps)
2 - print with Serial.print and log_x
3 - debug apps

With S2-SOLO (chip ESP32-S2R2), I can:
1 - upload (flash apps)
2 - print with Serial.print
Note: I use the ESP32-S2-SOLO module, not a devkit.

With S2-SOLO I cannot:
1 - print using log_x. No errors, but no output
2 - debug natively without using any device. I think it would be possible to do this with my esp-prog. But I don’t want to have to connect up to 6 pins, and many wires during dev periods.

So I have two questions if someone can help me for one of them, or both.
1 - how can I make log_x display output via USB?
2 - what conf can make debugging possible using USB, esp-builtin can’t be used?
Here’s my platformio.ini file.

platform = espressif32
board = esp32-s2-saola-1
framework = arduino
monitor_speed = 115200
upload_speed = 921600
build_flags = 

    build_src_filter = +<main.cpp>
# For debug
platform_packages = platformio/tool-openocd-esp32
;debug_tool = esp-prog
debug_init_break = 
  set remote hardware-watchpoint-limit 2
  break base.cpp:16
debug_extra_cmds = break main.cpp:26

# For testing FRAM
    build_src_filter = +<fram.cpp>

In the minimal app I use:

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <esp_log.h>

Serial.println... <= prints result
log_v... <= prints nothing
log_e... <= prints nothing

Thanks in advance for any help.

regarding the question about the use of log_x, I have discovered that in fact Serial.print goes to USB line, and log_x goes to UART line.
So for this, the question become how route log_x through USB line not UART one?

Sounds like just


Thanks @maxgerhardt.
I have opened an issue on github (espressif/arduino-esp32)