Mysterious PlatformIO plugin for Eclipse

I followed the instructions here:

To install the PlatformIO plugin for Eclipse, but it fails with a dependency error:

Missing requirement: PlatformIO Eclipse IDE ( requires ‘org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; 0.0.0’ but it could not be found

Please help. Google cannot figure out what I need to install to make this dependency error go away.

Also, why is this plugin not available in MarketPlace? It should be extremely popular, it’s been around for 2 years and it does seem to be actively maintained.

Please open an issue at Issues · platformio/platformio-eclipse-ide · GitHub if you have trobles building the projects, so @ivankravets can see it.

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I don’t want to report a bug until I know that what I’m doing makes sense. The error is not from building projects, but rather from attempted installation of the PlatrormIO plugin into Eclipse via “Install New Software”.

Well that’s still a valid question then in the context of that repository :smiley:

But maybe @ivankravets can answer that directly. Possibly installing on the wrong Eclipse version?

(Also, you technically don’t need that repo / extension to get PlatformIO support in Eclipse – it also works without, as documented.)

PlatformIO plugin for Eclipse is still in development. We recommend using this docs Eclipse — PlatformIO latest documentation

Oh, alright …that’s great news. It will be helpful if the developers can put a note in ReadMe.MD so that people will know not to install it on their computers. Some of the files have been there for 2 years so it’s easy to assume that it’s a mature project. I’ve been using the SDCC plugin for Eclipse and it actually works okay after a bit of fussing, so I’m sure this PlatformIO piece will have some nice synergy.