MySensors library does not pull the right version


I recently started a new project and the after adding the lib_deps = MySensors to my platform.ini, instead of getting the latest release, currently 2.3.0, the 2.3.0-alpha is pulled.

library.json says 2.3.0 says: 2.3.0-alpha.

On an older project, which was in 2.2.0 version of the lib, both library.json and show the same version: 2.2.0.

2.3.0 is out since 2 months.

Setting lib_deps = MySensors@2.3.0 still pulls 2.3.0-alpha, something is wrong :slight_smile:
I had to specify @2.2.0 to avoid problems.

Any clue?

Hm… It’s strange issue. I’ve just forced to rebuild this library again. Everything should work.

@ivankravets thanks, it’s ok now. Yeah that was strange :slight_smile: