My project no longer compiles after updating, I'm using stm32f103c8, framework arduino

Hello, my project worked and compiled correctly until yesterday, today before I started working I decided to update the platformIO and I throw a lot of errors if I modified anything in the code.

What is this about?
Terminal output

Can you try platform = ststm32@4.5.0 or platform = ststm32@4.4.0 in your platformio.ini?

As @maxgerhardt correctly noted you can temporarily roll back to the previous version of the platform. Could you please provide your project to reproduce the issue?

And tried to go back with what you told me, and continues throwing erroes
Terminal output
I can not publish the codes publicly, provide an email where I can send you the codes

See STM32F1 build failing with "duplicate 'inline'" errors - #5 by thinkyhead try platform =

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@maxgerhardt , It worked, thank you very much.