Multiple machines, but working on the same code

This could be more of a vscode question; as PIO sits on top of it?!

I use different machines on the same network, and want/need to work on the same code.

Is there a way to achieve this somehow?

I wondered, if the local libraries could be stored on a network drive, as well as the code… just have the executable on a machine and point all libraries, code and what not to a network drive… which has the same name for all machines connecting to it.

ATM I copy the code to another machine, then it re-compiles, and may miss a library on that machine, and I have to figure out what is not working or missing. Then there is the mess, to remember where I last worked on a specific code file.

Any pointers appreciated.

I have two computers that I work on. I have my code stored on each, but version controlled on GitHub/GitLab. That way I commit on one device and pull on the other.

I do have to remember to commit the latest work on each machine though.

I’ve never tried a network share though. I could use NFS as I’m on Linux on both computers, but I suspect a shared drive mounted on all your computers, if Windows, should work.

If you mount the shared drive on the same drive letter on each computer, it might be easier! You could then configure PlatformIO’s default project location on each computer to be the shared drive (letter).