Multi-character Monitor input

I’m using an Arduino, and I would like to send a character array command (e.g. “#R34,5,900”) to the Arduino.

After setting up a short yet functioning code to test how to interact with the monitor here: How to make work in the serial monitor? - #10 by OmarAlamoudi I’m struggling to find how I can make the Serial monitor accept more than a single character.

The current behavior: every character I press on my keyboard, transmit immediately and is printed back to me as expected.

Desired behavior: I want to type a full command composed of a character array (e.g. “#R34,5,900”), press ‘return’ and do other things.

Is that possible?

So I found out that I can add a filter ‘send_on_enter’, I’ll try it out and post the result.

You need send_on_enter filter.

@ivankravets thanks :slight_smile:

You’ll find all the info you need at the end of this thread. Is there anyway to send manually typing messages to arduino through serial port in platformio?.


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