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MSP430F5529 BSL memory

Dear community,
I have a custom PCB using MSP430F5529 and because of some hardware restrictions I cannot use the default MSP430 bootloader. So I need to write my own and put it in BSL memory. I want to do this using PlatformIO within Visual Studio Code.
Probably the solution for that is similar to my previous question which can be found here: MSP430 use all 128kB (not just 47kB)
Any help is highly appreciated!

I have two questions on that:

  1. build_flags:

can I use -mcode-region=bsl or similar in the platformio.ini file

build_flags =
-mcode-region=either → bsl
-mdata-region=either → bsl

maybe i am just missing out the right name for the BSL memory section at 0x1000???

  1. using “_ _ attribute _ _”
    can I use _ _ attribute _ _(section(“something that points to BSL memory”))
    in a similar fashion as being done here: pio-timsp430-new-toolchain-example/main.c at main · maxgerhardt/pio-timsp430-new-toolchain-example · GitHub ???

I managed to manipulate the msp430f5529.ld file and place it in the project folder. It seems to be working.