MSP430: Problem with mspdebug


Ive been using Platformio on linux for some time, recently I switched to another linux setup and installed everything clean.

I am using MSP430 boards (G2553) and compiling the code works completely as planned. But from the IDE (I have tried both VScode and Atom) I cannot upload the code on the board. It always stops with :

_"/home/username/.platformio/packages/tool-mspdebug/mspdebug: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

I cannot debug where it goes wrong but when I use the terminal, go to the directory of my project (with platformio.ini) and type

“pio run -e lpmsp430g2553 -t upload”

it runs as planned. Compiles and uploads directly to my launchpad board.

Anybody with a clue as how this can be corrected ?

kind regards

Additionally. When I call the “pio run -e lpmsp430g2553 -t upload” from the terminal inside Atom or VScode it also fails with the same error.


What is your Linux distro? It seems that IDE starts with another PATH in comparison to your temrinal. Do you use default shell?

Hello Ivan,

I am on Linux mint 18.3 (64bit). The working pio run was not run from a shell inside the IDE, I just went to a normal linux-terminal from the directory where platformio.ini is avaiable

To provide even more info, I inspected the mspdebug script that is installed

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="dirname "$0""
exec -a “$0” “dirname "$0"/mspdebug_bin” “$@”

When I inspect variable $@ I see that the section prog firmware.hex is not surrounded with "- brackets.


Does your project contain a space in a project path?

No, I used an example to test things after my normal projects only would compile but not upload.
FYI heres a full project-folderpath

Ive tried something else. I setup a virtualbox with a standard Ubuntu 17.10 iso and … got the same problems. I also created a virtualbox with a 32bit Lubuntu setup and in that setup I was able to upload.


When I execute pio device list from within Vscode or Atom I get no devices listed at all. When I run the same command outside vscode/atom it shows my device. It looks as if the environment of vscode and atom are shielded