Msp430 debugging peripherals

Hello. I am trying to debug custom msp430f47187 board with new gcc tools. It was a little tricky to connect with a debugger, but i did that. There is one problem: i cant view core register and peripheral registers values. Is it implemented for msp430? Or i should make something like: create my own .svd or something like this?..

I have manually started gdb_agent and load firmware. Then i have attached debugger via “PIO Debug without uploading”

platform = https:_github.com_maxgerhardt_platform-timsp430.git (fixed to be not a link)
board = lpmsp430f47187 (created by me)

board_build.mcu = msp430f47187
board_build.f_cpuio = 16000000L

debug_tool = custom (in lunch.json i specified toolchain dir)
debug_port = :55000

platform_packages =

P.S. own svd seems working for peripherals, but i stiil cant view core registers.

Usually platforms have a misc/svd folder in which SVD files for all chips of a platform are stored (refer GitHub - platformio/platform-ststm32: ST STM32: development platform for PlatformIO), but for or my form that’s not the case. You’d have to fork + add those SVD files in, and then reference it in your board definition file under the debug section, refer