Move/Resize platformio-ide-terminal?

Hello, I am here to ask a very simple question. I have scanned the documentation of the package with care, but I couldn’t find anything. I also searched this forum, and still did not find something.

I am using platformio-ide-terminal (in Atom) in conjunction with Hydrogen to bring up a python console.
Since I have an ultra-wide screen, currently when the platformio terminal is opened, it fills the entire bottom of the screen, which is huge and also a huge waste.
Is it possible to configure the width of the terminal, or even better make it behave as a normal Atom panel?
I know that it is definitely possible, because the Juno IDE console can do it. The question is how…

If , at the worst case scenario, it is not possible to make it behave as a panel, can I make it fill the edge of the screen instead of the bottom?
Since almost all screens used nowadays are widescreens, having it be a horizontal window really makes no sense…

Sorry for making a post just to ask, but I would appreciate any feedback! Currently it is simply unusable by me, since I need to have atom on full widescreen, but then having 20% of my entire screen become a blank space (since the commands only take a couple of characters) is simply not feasible.