Monitor shows nothing

When I upload my code everything works but when I try to monitor my code I see nothing:

This is my code:

This is my platformio.ini file

Any help is appreciated.

BTW when I try to do it through an application like Putty I see the following:
So it seems my code works

Your monitor_dtr/rts settings might keep the board in RESET. Remove them or try all 4 combinations ( 00, 01, 10, 11).

I did test it without monitor_dtr en rts but it does not change the output except it not showing forcing dtr inactive and forcing rts inactive

And that also didn’t yield results?

Yes it just changes if the dtr and rts pin is active or not

That’s very weird.

  1. Are all other programs that could access that serial port closed?
  2. Is the monitor_port = COM11 correct and the same as in PuTTY?

Yes and yes. I think its weird that Putty shows the correct output but when I connect to the serial monitor of platformio it shows nothing.

That is completely inexplicable to me under any normal circumstances. Can you upload a minimal project which reproduces this problem?

I started a new project and it works now I don’t know why thanks for taking your time to help me!