Mlx90632: connection to arduino

I am using a MLX90632 IR sensor. I download the support lib from github for arduino, but not sure about connection pins. I wonder whether sdl and scl on MLX90632 should be connected to the same pins on arduino board? Thanks

  1. This is not related to the platformio environment. If you have questions about the library, go ask the library maintainers or Stackoverflow.
  2. Trying to answer the actual question: Yes, in an I2C bus with SCL (serial data clock) and SDA (serial data), these signals should be connected to your Arduino’s I2C bus, too. Since you didn’t tell us what Arduino board you’re using, I’ll be assuming Arduino Uno or Nano, in which case you can find the pins here: Wire - Arduino Reference (Uno: SCL = A5, SDA = A4).