Missing UTFT library

The UTFT_SdRaw library exists but UTFT, which it calls, does not exist.

I have tried to use the lib from “GitHub - gnulabis/UTFT-ESP: UTFT with support for ESP8266 and ESP32”, but have problems with printNumF(), otherwise it works well.

Can some kind person add the UTFT-ESP8266 lib to platformio.

How do you include the UTFT library in your project ? (I mean where and how in the project folder)

Could you post the error you got ? Maybe I can try to help.

Thank you for the interest. I just place the UTFT library in ~/.platformio/lib directory. As I said the demo works fine like that. It is just that printNumF() gives garbage.

The other thing is that it is strange for there to be a UTFT_SdRaw lib in platformio without the UTFT lib it relies on.

Do you have some errors ? Could you post what the terminal says ?

I have had a reply from gnulabis in which he points out that the esp8266 function that should do the conversion is empty. I have edited the HW_ESP8266.h file, in my copy of UTFT-ESP8266 from gnulabis, to include the dtostrf() function to do the conversion, like this:

void UTFT::_convert_float ( char *buf, double num, int width, byte prec ) {
dtostrf(num, width, prec, buf);

The lib works as expected now.

See: Cannot print floats · Issue #9 · gnulabis/UTFT-ESP · GitHub

Thank you for your input.