Missing menu topics in Menuconfig

I wanted to try the ‘restful_server’ example, but I have problems configuring the example. As I understand the readme file in the example I need to configure the project via the Menuconfig but I don’t see any ‘Example Configuration’ topic in my Menuconfig - it look like this:

Should I configure the restful_server project otherwise when using pio?

So, you also copied the Kconfig.projbuild, which generates these menu ptions, from that example into your project’s source folder right?

Ahh, the reason for trying this example was to learn something new, and I already did - thanks. I didn’t know the Menuconfig ‘system’ was configurable.

BTW the readme file also reference an ‘Example Connection Configuration’ topic, that doesn’t seem to be there - an old readme file perhaps?

No, that must also be there if the project compiles successfully. The firmware code references the function

which comes from a component that is commonly referenced by all examples protocol_examples_common, and that component has a KConfig file

that defines the Example Connection Configuration menu.

So if that is not there the example is not being copied correctly, the PlatformIO project must have a components folder with the protocol_examples_components folder (that is also locally in C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\packages\framework-espidf\examples\common_components\protocol_examples_common), as per documentation and official example.