Missing library files

I’m learning IoT development for my job, and I’m trying to learn how to use PlatformIO. I installed the CLion plugin, and created a new project. I need to install the Azure SDK for C into the project so I can include the libraries. I’ve installed it with pio lib install azure=git@github.com:Azure/azure-iot-sdk-c.git#lts_01_2021. It gets cloned to a temp directory in ~/.platformio/.cache, but not all the files never get added to .pio/libdeps/azure in the project.

Here is what shows in that folder (this does not match what is in Github):

What am I doing wrong that would cause the clone to not include any of the source files? I need CLion to know where those files are located but it’s not in any of the CMake files, even after I perform a re-init with the CLion plugin.