Missing liblwip_gcc in framework-arduinoespressif8266


This seems to be a bug for framework-arduinioespressif8266 since 2.20402.3:

When using espconn_mdns_set_hostname linking fails with undefined references.

This is due to lack of -llwip_gcc in the linking stage.

Where can I submit a bug report for that?


lwip_gcc is added automatically only for lwIP “v1.4 Higher Bandwidth”. See https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/blob/2.4.2/boards.txt#L286

You can switch between lwIP variants with https://docs.platformio.org/en/latest/platforms/espressif8266.html#lwip-variant


So are you implying this is not a bug? This used to work for older version, and I am unable to find any relation or requirement between “high bandwidth” and MDNS… MDNS seems just to be located in that library, and I am unable to see a reason why the “low bandwidth” variant shouldn’t use that library and provide MDNS…

Also, linking is successful, when supplying -llwip instead of -llwip_gcc. So either the MDNS symbols are in the wrong library or the dependencies between MDNS and lwip are not resolved correctly…


Please file an issue here https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/issues