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Missing functions in the lib mdns.h

Hi everyone, in Espressive’s documentation about mDNS Service three functions are detailed (listed below) that are not available in the lib mdns.h, any idea why?

esp_err_t mdns_register_netif(esp_netif_t *esp_netif)
esp_err_t mdns_unregister_netif(esp_netif_t *esp_netif)
esp_err_t mdns_netif_action(esp_netif_t *esp_netif, mdns_event_actions_t event_action)

I’m using the platform: espressif32(Version 4.3.0) with framework: arduino.

You’re look at the documentation for the latest ESP-IDF. PlatformIO gives you the latest stable Arduino core, 2.0.5, and the ESP-IDF in that is dictated by the core’s makers – it’s ESP-IDF 4.4.2 in this case.

As seen in esp-idf/mdns.h at v4.4.2 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub, there is no mdns_register_netif() function in mdns.h in 4.4.2. It is only in later version that this function exists.