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Missing Files Reported with default Template

New to PlatformIO today - so go easy on me

I’m shifting over from Arduino IDE to PlatformIO on Windows

First I installed MS Studio Code (user)
And then I installed the extensions:
PlatformIO which also included

The trouble is I get a build error with just the default code template

The error is provided

Any idea what I need to do to resolve the error?

Seems like both your toolchain and framework download are corrupted. No idea how that could happen in a regular setting though.

Delete the folders

  • C:/Users/Charles/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoespressif32/
  • C:/Users/Charles/.platformio/packages/toolchain-xtensa-esp32
  • C:/Users/Charles/.platformio/.cache

and build + upload the project again.

If this happens again, you likely have some interfering antivirus active, have heavy internet problems, or a full harddrive.


I did as you suggested and now the build doesn’t even start.
When I click the code variation ‘tick’ I simply have an exception reported:
command ‘’ not found

I don’t understand,I have
sufficient memory
windows firewall and antivirus turned off
internet works fine*

* It comes via NordVPN

Any suggestions?
i.e. Are there other directories I could delete to completely remove any trace before I go ahead with a reinstall?

Open a CLI and execute pio run. What does it output?

Thanks for getting back to me
Just popped over to Dave’s Garage and he installed MS VSCode with no hassle.
That said, he started with a clean Windows installation :slight_smile:
So I did some housekeeping and uninstalled MS Visual Studio 2015
Removed all trace of MS VS Code and performed a fresh install

But I still get command ‘’ not found

Then I performed the pio run command from the CLI.
This time it paused a long time and in the bottom status bar I saw PlatformIO Loading tasks . . .

And then eventually it reported a clean build. Initiating a build by clicking the ‘tick’ now works fine too

So after the clean up and adopting a little patience all is well.

Thank you very much for your patience