Minimal ststm32 FreeRTOS example

I’m trying to get started with FreeRTOS on a custom STM32 board and I just can’t figure out how to use it with platformio. I only see examples with the arduino framework. I found an example on how to convert from a CubeMX project to FreeRTOS with ststm32 but I feel like it just confused me. I’m not sure if there is even a compatible FreeRTOS library available?

I’d love it if there was a minimal platformio.ini with some simple blinky task. Or is this too dependent on the MCU being used?

Looking forward for an answer. I had recently a similar need and had to go through hoops to make it to work. Generating files with cube ide and using them as a library in platform in.

Going by the lack of response I’m assuming there isn’t any material available on how to set up a custom board with a FreeRTOS installation running a Blinky or Hello World program?

I will have to look at Zephyr, or is there any other appropriate RTOS for a hobbyist?

UPDATE: I’ll give Zephyr a gold star. Just got the first blinky project running on my board. I found something similar for Zephyr as I was asking for for FreeRTOS

It wasn’t a straight copy paste. I couldn’t get it to find the board i created in the project. It seem pio uses an isolated environment with the ZEPHYR_BASE set to the framework-zephyr directory. So I couldn’t find any way to point it to my project.