MiniCore + atmega328p

Hello EveryOne!

I’m trying to test my sketch with MCUdude’s MicroCore. According to GitHub MicroCore is supported by PlatformIO. And Atmega328P is also supported by MicroCore.
But… I have two problems:

  1. I don’t understand why I can’t start a new project with Atmega328P and MicroCore. Just don’t know where is it (this is more to PlatformIO IDE).
  2. When I specify MiniCore and Atmega328P directly in platformio.ini:
    platform = atmelavr
    board = ATmega328P
    framework = MiniCore
    I got the following error:
    PError: This board doesn’t support MiniCore framework!

What is wrong?

The repository you’ve linked to is “MiniCore” not MicroCore? Wrong link or wrong text?

Also it’s stated in the documentation how to configure it.

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