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Migration from V3 to V4 Build flags

Hi - I’m using latest version of VSC with latest V4 of PlatformIO…getting following error on compile and not sure why its the case…do I need to change or do something with build flags from V3 to V4 ?

I am using the following flags in my build:

But now after upgrading to PlatformIO V4 get the following error:

just worked out I needed to change the build flag as follows i.e. added ‘-T’ … no idea why but seems to compile now :slight_smile:


    build_flags = 


    build_flags = 

The syntax you’ve shown for V3 is incorrect for V3 anyway, as eagle.flash.4m3m.ld is not a parameter. I’d say the -T was accidentally deleted. -Wl,-T%PATH_TO_LD_SCRIPT% has been the correct syntax since V2.2 :wink:

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thanks for the reply … was not aware of that :wink: [always learning]

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Glad to help… it’s just no fun if we’re not learning new stuff all the time! :smiley: (the exception, perhaps, being 100 ways to NOT get the result you wanted? :laughing:)