Menuconfig options for ESP32 Arduino

For the ESP32 we need to run make menuconfig. For ESP32 IDF i know how to do this but with PlatformIO and using Arduino, how do we make changes in menuconfig. For instance, how can we enable PSRAM, and change other settings there ?

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I can make changes in menuconfig with the help of this tutorial. I want to use latest esp-idf version. Is there a way to use the latest esp-idf version with platformio?

I was looking for a way compiling for Arduino projects. But to answer you question, I posted a video how to get Microsoft Visual Studio working with ESP-IDF. Of all the other ways I have tried this, this one is by far the best (IMHO). and will let you use the latest ESP-idf.

I changed some things, but the credit goes to This Chap

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PlantformIO, do you have anything to comment about this topic?

Same here.
In ESP-IDF env, menuconfig is able to setup for example secure boot or encryption :
# Security features

In the documentation of PlatformIO, Espressif 32 ([Espressif 32 — PlatformIO latest documentation]), we can adjust only some parameters : upload, OTA, partition

Is it possible to access from PlatformIO to all parameters present in menuconfig ?
Or can we use menuconfig of ESP-IDF with a platformIO Arduino Project ? How ?

Thanks for help.

PlantformIO, why are you so quite on this topic. How can we use the device fully if we cannot make changes to Menuconfig?

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How can we use the ESP32-WROVER to enable the external RAM without using Menuconfig ?

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I would also like to use menuconfig within platformio.

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I also want to understand how to use menuconfig

If you want to change any specific option by running make menuconfig, you can currently edit sdkconfig.h instead.

Editing sdkconfig.h does nothing for the arduino-esp32 based projects, the ESP-IDF code is pre-compiled and can not be changed simply by editing the sdkconfig.h included within arduino-esp32. The only way to support this will be arduino as an idf component which is what the PR referenced above that I submitted is for.

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Oh, ok. Point taken, thanks!

The PS-RAM problem is solved by a flag you have to put it in platform.ini
build_flags = -DBOARD_HAS_PSRAM