Menuconfig for ESP-IDF


I was working on BLE server code for esp32 using esp32 IOT framework.
I had configured esp32 as nimBL. The issue is that when in menuconfig there is no option to configure security manager components like IO-capability, bonding etc.
I want to add pairing and encryption feature in my app. Can someone tell me is there any way to do it.
Else I have no option but to switch to ESP-IDF IDE where security manager can be configured.

And where would you do that? Do you mean that in a PlatformIO project, it doesn’t show menuconfig options that are available in ESP-IDF?

Exactly I want to the below things in menu config
In the Example Configuration menu:

  • Select I/O capabilities of device from Example Configuration --> I/O Capability, default is Just_works.
  • Enable/Disable other security related parameters Bonding, MITM option, secure connection(SM SC).