MegaCoreX Support

Hey, PlatformIO developers. Firstly, thanks for an amazing system. Second, you have already integrated MegaCore by MCUdude into your ATmega platform… making the platform compatible with a huge range of ATmega MCUs outside just the standard Arduino lineup. MCUdude has done the same amazing work for the megaAVR platform in MegaCoreX, supporting way more than just the Arduino Nano Every. I’d love to see it integrated into your megaAVR platform support so that we can use it with megaAVR chips outside of the Arduino lineup. Ironically, the best IDE we can use at the moment is the Arduino IDE :roll_eyes: :unamused:.

The amazing MCUdude has already done a lot of the heavy lifting work here and here.

It would be incredible to see this integrated into PlatformIO. Thanks again for a great system!


CC @ivankravets and @valeros for the pull-request Support for MegaCoreX compatible targets by MCUdude · Pull Request #5 · platformio/platform-atmelmegaavr · GitHub, if it’s not on their list already :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words! :blush:

As @maxgerhardt already mentioned, we will be soon to

Any news about?
Meanwhile there is a new Arduino framework for the new AVR-DA and AVR-DB series by GitHub - SpenceKonde/DxCore: Arduino core for AVR DA, DB, and future DD-series parts - Microchip's latest and greatest parts. LIBRARY AUTHORS - Does your library have issues with this core? Please touch base w/me so we can ensure a solution that works on all parts and won't be broken by future changes
hope you will support it also