Mbedtls out of date in registry

Latest version of mbedtls is 3.5, but is still 2.x in the PlatformIO registry. Since mbed officially claims not to maintain the configuration of any of the package management tools, it may have been released by ivan in the registry before.

However the last update in the repository was four years ago. Also the github repository for mbedtls has changed from ARMmbed/mbedtls to Mbed-TLS/mbedtls. Can anyone provide an update for it?

CC @ivankravets for update of PlatformIO Registry in regards to 2.x and 3.x branches (LTS and regular versions)

Could you clone GitHub - Mbed-TLS/mbedtls: An open source, portable, easy to use, readable and flexible TLS library, and reference implementation of the PSA Cryptography API. Releases are on a varying cadence, typically around 3 - 6 months between releases. to the project/lib/mbedtls and try to create a simple PlatformIO project? You will need also to create library.json — PlatformIO latest documentation in the project/lib/mbedtls/library.json.

Once the project builds, please share your library.json file and we will publish the new version.