mbedOS 5, libraries, and configurations

Hello All,

I want to start out saying how much I do appreciate the platformIO community you all have built something very special and cool!

I am currently investigating new boards, frameworks , RTOS , and tooling for new products. at the moment I was investigating what tools we can use and I remember platformIO making my arduino development much nicer.

My current issue is in the vein of library code management. I’ve used many systems that have their own version of dependency management. I find they don’t work quite right when they are attempting to include libraries from another dependency management solution. for example using YOCTO to build your system, but compiling go-lang applications. YOCTO in order to produce re-producible builds wants to know of every package and there needs to be a “recipe” of every dependency that the go-lang project is dependent on. This is at odds with the go-lang library mechanism which fetches the code during the compilation phase(s) due to “imports” in the source code itself.

Now I’m looking into using platformIO with the mbedOS 5 and am experiencing similar troubles. Simple libraries seem to work when included via the lib_deps= option in platformio.ini. However, the configuration handling is not quite right. The rules for overriding configuration values in the mbed_app.json and mbed_lib.json just don’t cut it.

I’m wondering if anyone else runs into these issues, and what the recommended approach is to use libraries developed for use with mbedOS. I would like to avoid having to maintain a fork of the project just to get it to play nicely with the build system.

Another though I had was the mbed-cli client is also written in python, I wonder if it might be possible to get the configuration parsing from that tool and hook it into the SCons builder for getting the config values.

Mostly this is an attempt to see if I’m the only one with these issues, and to save a note for future me for when I have more time to look at this.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

@valeros please help.

Hi @blockbomb! Could you please describe the issues more accurately? What libraries are you having trouble with?