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Mbed upload not working on Ubuntu


So I have an STM32 Nucleo F411RE board that I’ve been programming for a bit with the mbed platform from my Windows and Mac machines. I decided to try and upload the same program via my Ubuntu machine, and while the upload seems to be successful, the device never seems to reflect the code changes. I also copied all the udev rules from here. I’m also mounting the disk per the mbed instructions ( as follows:

/dev/sdX  /media/MBED  vfat  rw,user,sync 0 0

Below are some additional details about my environment:

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.8.0-54)
PlatformIO Core 3.3.1


platform = ststm32
board = nucleo_f411re
framework = mbed

The same exact program is uploaded with no issues from my macOS and Windows 10 workstations. Not sure if I’m mounting the Nucleo incorrectly or what.


The firmware is located in .pioenvs directory of a project. Does it work if you copy it manually to this disk?


Same problem when manually copying as well


It means that problem is not linked with PlatformIO if a board can’t handle a manually copied firmware. Does this board have the latest bootloader?


I have same problem. Any solution?


Have you also tried to manually drop the firmware.bin from your project’s .pioenvs folder on the system? Does the green/red light flash when you do that? Does flashing a firmware work with other tools? Any error messages? Updated the ST-Link firmware on it? (