MBed, MQTT external lib compilation problem

Hi Forum,

I’m trying to build a project with mbed framework and this lib: GitHub - ARMmbed/mbed-mqtt: Mbed-os MQTT and MQTT-SN library, based on Eclipse Paho project. which is according to this page: MQTT | Mbed something like semi official (?).
As far as I can tell it is not in the platformio library registry. (There are quite some mbed libs there but they lack documentation.)

So I put the git repository in the lib folder (git clone), activate the complete mbed-os in platformio.ini and try to compile.

The problem are errors about missing references: /home/flo/workspace-mcu/platformio/stm32-hc/stm32-hc-MCP/lib/mbed-mqtt/paho_mqtt_embedded_c/MQTTClient/src/MQTTClient.h:1010: undefined reference to `MQTTSerialize_publish’

It seems platformio misses to compile the included paho library.

So how do I get this to work?

Thanks in advance!

Probably. Does it help if you move the paho_mqtt-sn_embedded_c and paho_mqtt_embedded_c folders into src/? Disregard that because it would also compile the examples in there.

Mhm please open an issue in Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub to get better mbed library build support.