Mbed 6.2 Compiler Warnings

When I compile the first time, or when I change profiles, I get all the compiler warnings. The next compilation, after changing small things, the warnings are lost.
Is there a way to switch the warnings on / off. In the moment there are a bunch of warnings because there are many changes because of Mbed v6x, it will helpful if they stay present. Update, it seems this happens only for the libraries.
Using development version, Mbed6.2 on STM32 Nucleo-F767ZI

Hi @sstaub! You can suppress all warnings using -w flag in build_flags.

Ok, but can I avoid losing the warnings? After a complete build the warnings are all there. When I change e.g. a variable and make a build, only some part are compiled, that’s fine, but the warnings gone.
In main.cpp when a warning comes up, e.g. in printf was wrong data type, the warning comes up but it stays even when I make the correction of the mistype.
When compiling the warning gone away. I don’t know if it is a problem of Intellisense.

I’m not sure I understand the problem, do you mean warnings in the build log or in the IDE? In the build log, all warnings only printed when a source file is being compiled. If there are no changes in this file it won’t be recompiled and accordingly you won’t see any warnings from this file.

Both, the warning in the IDE are missed, also in the build log. The warnings come only up when the complete project compile.

So warnings are not printed even if you compile the same file without fixing the source of that warning? Could you please put together a minimal example to reproduce the problem?

Here some screenshots
First Build, all warnings are present:
1. Build
Second Build, all warnings gone:
2. Build
How to send you the project files?

So, there are no problem with the build log in the terminal, since files with warnings are not recompiled (e.g. OSCMessage.cpp) due to proper incremental build. As for the warnings in the IDE, do they come again if you open this file OSCMessage.cpp?

How to send you the project files?

Just upload it to whatever service you like as a zip archive.

The warning doesn’t come also if I open e.g. the OSCMessage.cpp
I can’t upload a zip over the post here in the forum, only pictures can uploaded.