Master User folder in home_dir

Adding custom platforms and boards is easy, but personally, I find the current organization a little unmanageable. A centralized “everything user related” with the same folder structure of home_dir, within home_dir, seems like a much better idea. This way, backing up all user modifications is as easy as adding git to it, or whatever other method you prefer.


You can override home_dir location. Just define system environment variable with the same location for all users using

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see the notification. Thanks for your reply.

What you recommend works provisionally ok, but I’m leaning more towards the idea of just adding a git to home_dir and work out a complex .gitignore to backup properly, even if a framework modification is far down the path (my custom boards need a patched arduino core, hence the origin of this “user centralized folder” for backup), because in this project specific home_dir you recommend ends up replicating platforms and tools (and frameworks are already heavy by themselves, so replicating those is silly).

Thanks a lot!

If you need to make some patches to development platform or its dependencies (framework), you can fork our dev/platform and use it directly in pair with platform = git/url. See docs:

Please note that “GIT” feature for this option is added in the latest development version (3.5.0) which has not been released officially. But you can try Redirecting...