Massive release of PlatformIO IDE for VSCode 🚀

We’re so happy to announce the first stable release of open source PlatformIO IDE for VSCode v1.0.0 :rocket:
This is a massive release that addresses some of our top feature requests. We really appreciate all of the usage/feedback, so please keep letting us know how to improve! :wink:

  • Over 40 releases in “preview” mode for the last year
  • Over 70 amazing reviews! :blush:



What is new

  • Multi-root Workspaces, work on several related projects at one time (issue #50)
  • PlatformIO Activity Bar:
    • “Quick Access” to PIO Home and maintenance commands
    • “Project Tasks”, refactored Project Task Explorer with a support for multiple environments in platformio.ini
  • Added “verbose” build and upload project tasks
  • Added “Update PlatformIO Core packages” command
  • Added new configuration option platformio-ide.disableToolbar which allows to disabling of PlatformIO Toolbar in a bottom status bar
  • Refactored IntelliSense Indexer
  • Fixed issue with task runner when French locale is used (issue #107)

Multi-root Workspaces

Project Task Explorer

We’re very interested in gathering feedback here, so if you get a chance to try it out, please let us know how it goes!

PIO Plus Team

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Missing Tasks Button in Statusbar again

Ok, found the menu on the sidebar :grin:

We plan to remove bottom Toolbar now. What do you think? it eats a lot of spaces and icons are so small. It was as workaround while we haven’t had ActivityBar before.

Nevertheless, you can disable it now from your settings.

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Personally I like the bottom toolbar (also I’m missing other task tools before PIO Home, I really liked the style of creating and updating projects) and maybe it can be an option for some reasons.
When working with the IDE, I have always the Explorer open because I use new code analyze functions, where I can see errors over my hole project. The bottom toolbar is the fastet access for the most common actions (Build, Upload, Serial Monitor…, that the only nice thing on the Arduino IDE).
So, in your plan, I need first to go the sidebar and back for a simple task action, this is not a good idea.
I think things should be simple, e.g. PIO Home doesn’t make my life really simpler, but others users workflow of course. e.g. for MacBook Pro Users it would nice to have the task symbols in the Touch Bar.
A concurrency of different workflow systems will avoid frustration of the advantages for different user types (e.g. some users like shortcuts, others use the mouse in the menu others a mouse click in symbols)
So, please leave the toolbar as it was.


Thanks, got you! We will keep it. We have an option for that, anyone can disable it from settings.

No please keep it just like this, and it would be good if you add another button for platformIO command palette


Just like with the french locale bug when it prompts you to run any of the available tasks (except that it will be with a dedicated button this time)

Which command do you mean?

I think the Tasks button which is deleted from the bottom menu


This is not a command,
I mean: If we click on the button it oppens PlatformIO’s command palette.

Sorry, could you explain in details or provide screenshot? Thanks!

I’ve suggested to add a button on the toolbar to open PlatformIO command palette.

This will happen if we click on this button

Maybe it’s the “run task” button which sstaub has mention

I suggest also to add a debug button

We already have one… with a very suggestive icon: debugbtn

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Ok @botofancalin for the debug button, you’re right no need for additionnal one

the mentioned button will come back next release

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Hi, thanks for your answer, In this new release of today the platformIO doesn’t contain yet this button to launch tasks…

There is no new release for the the IDE, only for the core.

PlatformIO IDE for VSCode 1.1.1 is out! See changes Release 1.1.1 · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub