Marlin compiles successfully but bin may or may not load

I have been using platforio in Visual studios code for about a month.
I have had success with arduino and esp programs.

I am currently struggling with marlin config mostly because even though the compile was successful,
the bin file doesn’t load leaving a blank lcd panel (and non working printer). But if I compile it again with no other changes,
it works fine.

So, with no errors listed, I’m lost. Any wild guesses?

VS Code v
Platforio core 6.1.11 home 3.4.4
Creality EnderNeo 3d printer
Creality 4.2.2 board
STM32F103RE_creality 512k
Marlin is in c:\marlin

Edit: The actual chip on board is GD32f303RE T 6 but the STM chip above is what I use as environment for compiling.

Edit: Solved
The installed chip is a GD32f303RE T 6.
Compiling with STM32F103RE_Creality_Maple(512k) instead of STM32F103RE_Creality(512k)
Works fine.