Maple Deprecation?

For several months I’ve been operating on the assumption that PlatformIO will be dropping Maple from its platforms, but I can’t find the relevant post or message on the web or in my archives. Am I just tripping, or is Maple actually deprecated and slated to be removed from an upcoming major version of PlatformIO?

I don’t think PlatformIO will actively reduce the featureset. The ST STM32 platform still supports the Maple framework as normal, with the package being last updated 30th Novemeber 2020. Though the “default framework” for many boards has been switched to the STM32-core since the 7.0.0 platform release of June last year.

Maybe @valeros knows more about this.

Hi @thinkyhead ! The maple core won’t be removed in future releases, but it’s not recommended for new designs as it’s maintained only for the sake of backward compatibility with the legacy projects.

Thanks for the info! As I understand it the Maple framework is targeted (almost?) exclusively to the STM32F1. So, over in Marlin-land we’ve been actively migrating builds to stm32duino with an eye towards retiring our Maple glue code. However, if Maple is remaining in maintenance mode I don’t mind also keeping Marlin’s Maple support in maintenance mode, especially as the Maple code is a bit more lightweight and it can sometimes be useful for debugging to build against both frameworks and compare behaviors.