Manual download zephyr modules

Hi! I try to build docker image for ci/cd with pre-installed packages and I want to pre-install ststm32 platform with zephyr rtos and zephyr’s modules. For example I need mcuboot downloaded and hal/stm32. I found in docs that zephyr’s modules downloaded automatically during project build, and I found this modules in $ZEPHYR_BASE/_pio/modules…

Now i use pio platform install pio platform install --with-package framework-zephyr ststm32 command to install platform. But it does not downloads modules. So can I install zephyr’s modules by hands without active project?

Indeed that is done dynamically in the builder script on the first run. The framework-zephyr\scripts\platformio\ downloads the needed Zephyr modules on the fly from either the PlatformIO registry or some remote server, then unpacks it in frameowrk-zephyr. Previously, they were seperate folders like framework-zephyr-mbedtls.

You should open an issue about this in Issues · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub so that the opportunity is there to preinstall it.

Otherwise, the easiest way I see, is to test-compile on Zephyr project (e.g. the builtin zephyr-blink example) so that those files will be downloaded, and after that is done, the container image can be made.

Thank you for answer.