Managing Serial port output and saving log file

Hi - wondering is there a way to get more out of the Serial port output:

  1. Is it logged to a file (or is there an option to do so ?)
  2. Is an option to adjust the max buffer size …I’d like it to be able to store a lot before it starts to loose the old logged shown data and it begins to automatically scroll (which can be annoying :frowning:
  3. Can I turn on and off the auto scroll (something simple like Arduino IDE Serial check box) would be great :wink:

BTW: really enjoying transition from Arduino IDE to PlatformIO — its a powerful tool !

Hi mars,

the serial monitor that is used by pio just uses your base console/terminal (whichever OS you are using). That means you can achieve

  1. by redirecting the stream to a file with the base-tools of your console/terminal. Under windows this can be achieved with >. An example, start the serial monitor in the console with pio device monitor and redirect the output to a file named test.txt by typing pio device monitor > test.txt.
  2. This is also something that is connected to your console/terminal settings so just google how to increase its buffer.
  3. Once again, a setting that can be set for most terminals/consoles… google should help too.

Thanks for this very good hint.
To make it totally clear to beginners (I am one), in the Mac OSX environment, that means:

  • launch terminal from within PlatformIO
  • type: pio device monitor > logFile.txt
    To exit : ctrl + C
    The file logFile.txt will be in the same folder as the files related to the project opened at the time of Terminal launch.

That is VERY convenient.


Hi everyone!
I’d like to add something to François’s first point:

  • In PlatformIO, go to “PIO Home” > “Quick Access” > “Miscellaneous” > “New Terminal” and THEN input the pio device monitor > logFile.txt or platformio device monitor > logFile.txt command.
  • BEWARE, that terminal should have "PlatformIO"as a title (not “powershell”) /!\

I missunderstood your first point initially, thinking that the command should be in put in the powershell or cmd terminal, I was getting the infamous " platformio (or pio) is not recognized as an internal or external command ".


… and [solved] :slight_smile:

PS: On another note, one can use software like Baretail to follow the monitor, it will display the logs dynamically!

I was looking for something built in so it “just worked” the docs here tell you how!

key part is add to platform.ini this code


platform = …
monitor_filters = default, log2file

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