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Managing Serial port output and saving log file

Hi - wondering is there a way to get more out of the Serial port output:

  1. Is it logged to a file (or is there an option to do so ?)
  2. Is an option to adjust the max buffer size …I’d like it to be able to store a lot before it starts to loose the old logged shown data and it begins to automatically scroll (which can be annoying :frowning:
  3. Can I turn on and off the auto scroll (something simple like Arduino IDE Serial check box) would be great :wink:

BTW: really enjoying transition from Arduino IDE to PlatformIO — its a powerful tool !

Hi mars,

the serial monitor that is used by pio just uses your base console/terminal (whichever OS you are using). That means you can achieve

  1. by redirecting the stream to a file with the base-tools of your console/terminal. Under windows this can be achieved with >. An example, start the serial monitor in the console with pio device monitor and redirect the output to a file named test.txt by typing pio device monitor > test.txt.
  2. This is also something that is connected to your console/terminal settings so just google how to increase its buffer.
  3. Once again, a setting that can be set for most terminals/consoles… google should help too.