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Management of "script/extra_script" files to remote devices?

I’m trying to figure out best practise for remote upload of script files.

I develop locally, have boards connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero W and attached to that is one STM32 device as well as an Arduino Pro Mini.

When I read the docs it seems like the should be placed near the platformio.ini configuration file. When I make a remote upload the script files are not transferred.

  1. Is there a way to transfer the script files along with the firmware upload?
  2. Is there a way to set a global variable on the remote device to look for and include script files in a certain dir?
  3. Do I need to manually put in the extra-script file in the remote build dir?


Implemented in PIO Core 4.0. Please open terminal and type pio update.

See docs =>


Great will test it out! Fast response! :slight_smile:

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